Fitness First Corporate Care Package Plan For Businesses On Chineham Park

Fitness First | Basingstoke Gym | Chineham Park

Fitness First, the onsite gym at Spindlewood, has launched a Corporate Care Package Plan for businesses on the Park, which aims to introduce staff to the benefits of fitness training and can also be used to support existing staff wellbeing programs.  

Fitness First has created three ways in which you can get support from their club and fitness professionals. It’s all FREE as their goal is to just get out into the business community and help. 

1. Gym Pass Care Package 

Very simple… Let Fitness First know how many staff you have, and their team will deliver enough three-day gym membership cards to ensure everyone gets one. Your staff may then use the gym, classes, spa and steam room at their leisure! 

2. Office Sports Care Package 

Loads of fun! The Fitness First team will visit your offices and deliver fun fitness challenges that will not only help with the usual office vibe but also educate your team on the importance of keeping fit and active along with good nutrition and how these help with personal wellbeing both in and out of work! These days are totally FREE yet again and Fitness First to deliver these twice per year and will ensure all team members that take part receive a free three day gym membership. 

3. Education and Training Care Package 

Fitness First pride themselves on their unique approach to health and fitness. Their signature products such as our Freestyle Group Training (FGT) classes, Fitness menu, 10-minute workouts and Core App along with its challenges really help their members achieve their goals. They have a full team of dedicated professionals on hand within the club to support members every step of the way. This package choice will see their team visit your site and completely educate staff on fitness, nutrition, training plans, stretching routines and more. The team will come into your place of work and set up a training centre. This will consist of fitness coaches that can sit down with your staff and answer any questions they may have through both practical and theorised training. All staff will receive a free 30-minute workout in club along with a free three day fitness membership. 


Increased presentism  

Employees who feel better physically are more productive. If employees are more physically healthy, they will be more likely to focus on their job and will therefore be more productive in the work place.  

Decreased absenteeism  

As we know, increasing levels of exercise is proven to have a positive impact on physical health and mental well-being. Exercise is known to influence a reduction of staff absence due to sickness. Sick days can cost the company money and add stress to other employees.   

Improved staff turnover  

Employers who focus on wellness in the work place show their teams that they care and they’re investing in them. This will improve staff morale and therefore improve staff turnover.  

For more information please contact Hannah Piper, Sales Team Leader at Fitness First by calling on 01256 300850.